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went to Worldcon. Very good. Bought too many ebooks.... oops. Then had a week in Helsinki (so as not to be missing the con to do tourism). Sow all the things. Zoo has red pandas, so cute. Went on rollercasters.

21.A favourite song with a person's name in the title

I am maybe a bad person, and this is probably number 2 on my list of things not to sing at work (maybeu don't click at work). But it's a song I've liked even before it was a whole song.

(Springtime for Hitler)
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20.A song that has many meanings for you

I'm totally blocked on this. I'm not sure any songs have 'many meanings' to me really.
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19.A song that makes you think about life

god, what? no I don't think about music that much. So have this, it's almost philosophical.

The universe (or galaxy) song, Monty Python
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18.A song from the year you were born

I had to look this up...

(Men at work - down under)
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17.A song that you would sing as a duet on karaoke

Oh. Um. Hard. I don't karaoke that often. I think my favourite Singstar track is this:

(Bohemian Rhapsody)
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16.One of your favourite classical songs

To stretch 'classical' rather a lot...

oh fortuna, Orf
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15.A song that is a cover by another artist

oh, I know one for this!

Chis Hadfield sings space oddity.
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14.A song that you would love played at your wedding

Well, I decided that Castemere was inauspicious...

I rather like this for an entry.although it's rather long, I think I'd have to extract the theme.

(entry of the gods into valhalla, das rheingold WagnerL)
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13.One of your favourite 70's songs

I don't really have one... wikipedia claims this is c. 1570 and will do :-p

(Spem in alium)
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12.A song from your pre-teen years

strong memories of primary school discos... yes I know it is awful.
(Blobby song)
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11.A song that you never get tired of

So many. I nearly went with a Rick Roll. This one I thought about putting for Wedding but no.. that wouldn't bu a great choice really.

I do so hope he plays 'The Rains of Castamere.' It's been an hour, I've forgotten how it goes.[

(Rains of Castamere)
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10.A song that makes you sad

oh so many, but I'll pick this one
(Empty chairs at empty tables)
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9.A song that makes you happy

hard. I don't think songs make make me happy, there are songs for when happy but that's not the same. Anyway this is quite cheering
(modern major general)
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8.A song about drugs or alcohol

I thought about Madeira, but it's very... not good. So here's one I like, but it's not especially something I had an immediate answer to.
(Hotel California)
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7.A song to drive to


this song chosen for 2 reasons which are left as an exercise for the reader

(Queen, bicycle race)
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6.A song that makes you want to dance

This is my favourite dance, so I always want to dance to it

as a song

video of the dance (although they do Mairi's Divorce as almost everyone does and omit the common flourishes, I couldn't find anything much better in a quick search, Mairi's Hangover is also a fun dance although apparently there are no videos on youtube, it's extended for 4 couples and the double reels of 4 are... hard to get right):

(Mairi's wedding)
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5.A song that needs to be played LOUD

oh, this is hard... I think I'll go for this one, although I tend to play most things at the same volume really.

(Seanan McGuire, Wicked Girls; the video is good)
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4.A song that reminds you of someone you'd rather forget about

Hard, I'm not sure any songs really remind me of people at all, but this reminds me of interminable hours spent in a church I didn't want to be in. And we did it at just as this recording... at interminable length. I suspect it is meant to be meditative but... I was never fond of church but getting a priest who had defected from Dad's CofE church because GIRL COOTIES was not exactly the high point. Fortunately my 'church sucks' anecdotes are limited to boredom and disagreement rather than anything worse.

(Crucem Tuam, Taize)
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3.A song that reminds you of summer

hmmmmm summer for me starts with reenactment, and we like to sing things. I could pick something reenactor-y but the song I most associate with summer camping in the 16th century is this one:

(it's not irrelevant it's a hippopotamus)
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2.A song you like with a number in the title

Not really a 'song' but I couldn't think of one and this has CANNON

(1812 overture)

I'm off to kw for the weekend so I'll return to this Monday.
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Right, Imma try this music meme thing.

1.A song you like with a colour in the title

this took some thinking and didn't immediately spring to mind, but this sort of silly song is exactly my thing.

(One Eyed one Horned Flying Purple People Eater )

list )
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meme, because memes are fun.

1. How do you like your coffee?
Filter, black, no sugar. I will drink Americano if there is no filter, and sometimes Espresso. And wait for the water to be not-quite boiling before making, or it burns.

2. How do you like your tea?
Black, no sugar. Earl Grey or Lapsang for preference, although I drink any kind of tea. Boiling hot water, or it's less good.

3. What's your favourite late night beverage?
Gin. Or hotchocolate, but I'm very picky about chocolate - really good chocolate (I like Hotel Chocolat best) and only milk, no water, and I prefer to use a pan, although ugh, washing up

4. If you could only drink one thing for the next week, what would it be?
Tea. Earl Grey. Hot (of course it is hot, what is this heretical cold tea???)

5. If you were on vacation, what would be the first thing you'd drink to celebrate?
Something a stupid colour with a cocktail umbrella.
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I read stuff...

Once Broken Faith - yep, another Toby Daye book. More of the same, yaaaaaay!

Fix - the end of the 'mancer series. I liked the ending, which nicely concluded the story imo.

A Face Like Glass - weird, but good. I think "weird but good" might be what Hardinge *does*

The Other Half of the Sky - I have been reading this collection for *ages*, because turns out I don't really like collections of unconnected short stories. Too much attention hopping! Give me a nice multi-volume epic.


Americahna - being that this is not SFF it is not "what I usually read". So far I'm liking it though, I guess I should read more different things more often.


Sep. 9th, 2016 01:00 pm
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I thought this was an interesting idea, but rather drawn out. Post-scarcity economics and how to get there from here and why that it mostly a political/social problem rather than a technological one.

Obelisk Gate (book #2 in the trilogy that began with the Fifth Season). I very much liked this, but don't start here.

The Levee was Dry. short story by Seanan McGuire. I thought this one was less interesting than previous, although still good. Unconnected to her ongoing sagas, possibly not available except via her Patreon.

Once Broken Faith. Seanan's latest Toby Daye novel. Gloriously the UK ebook is available already! so far so good.

To Read:
Fix. The finale to Ferrett Steinmetz's trilogy. DRM free ebook available direct from the publisher, no issue with international orders (HURRAH!). Looking forward to reading it.
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Read: I read some Seanan short fiction: Threnody for for Little Girl, With Tuna, at the End of the World - which is just so perfectly sad, and In Little Stars - which was a reasonably addition to the Toby Daye universe. Both are from her Patreon, I don't know if/when there will be general availability

Reading: Trekonomics. Because I'm a GIANT NERD... and I'm not ashamed. Economics requires fewer currently utterly impossible things than physics, and this seems to largely be an optimistic book about how post-scarcity economics could be really good because humans are basically decent people. I've not finished reading it yet.
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Read: Necessity. This is an excellent conclusion to the series. Which as a whole is very well written and not at all the sort of thing I've read before, which is nice.

Reading: well, I did *just* finish it. I have some Seanan stories she wrote for her Patreon to read, and then I'm sure I'll find something in the giant pile of unread books.
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Read: a pile of Seanan short fiction; now read all the free stuff from her website.

Reading: Necessity (Thessaly #3) by Jo Walton. Just started, so no real opinion yet.
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Oops, missed a week.

Read: More Seanan shorts. Now I've read all the free Incryptid shorts.

Reading: the Long Cosmos by Baxter and Prattchet. Turns out they wrote these much faster than they could publish, and this was really co-written with PTerry not just following on from a joint idea. So it is, I guess, his last book. Sadness. So far, so good, a lot of the same as the other Long Earth books. Don't start here.
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Liv found a meme, it's been ages since I perpetrated this kind of meme...

meme )
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Read: more shorts by Seanan McGuire

Reading: yet more of same.

These stories are entertaining background to the novels, but probably of little interest to people who aren't already fans.
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league of dragons. I thought this was quite a nice end to the story, but don't start here. No more dragon stories :(

rise, Mira Grant. Shorts from the newsflesh world, 2 of which are new. If you liked the novels and want MOAR you will want to read this. Contains spoilers for the novels, not a good place to start.

shorts by Seanan McGuire - star of new mexico (oops, out of order), one hell of a ride, no place like home. These are free on her website, fitting in with the incryptid novels. I'm enjoying them. HAIL.

reading: more shorts...
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Read: Children of Earth and Sky, GGK. I liked this, Sarantium has fallen to the Asharites, but this book is more about trade and intrigue than fighting.

Reading: League of Dragons, Novik. The final Temeraire :(
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Every Heart a Doorway , Seanan McGuire
A story about portal fantasies and how it feels to come back from one , good as ever.

Children of Earth and Sky , Guy Gavriel Kay
In the same world as Sailing to Sarantium , which has fallen to the Asherites. So far quite good.

This post brought to you with the help of dasher . Steep learning curve but helpful
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N K Jemisin - the Fifth Season. I liked this, but not as much as Uprooted. Suffers from being 1/3 which means I have to waaaaaait for the end.

From the Editorial Page of the Falchester Weekly Review (Memoir by Lady Trent, #4.5) - short story. Cute, but wouldn't make sense without having read the novels I think.

Stage of Fools (Seanan McGuire) - short story, Tybalt focused. mmmmm puss cat.


Every Heart a Doorway (Seanan McGuire).
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oops, missed a few there. lots of books then!

miss Peregrine #3. I thought this was a good end to the trilogy, and it *is* an ending, so you needn't fear starting it and getting trapped in "waiting for the next book" hell.

Virgin Widow: England's Forgotten Queen (Anne O'Brien). This is a novel about Anne Neville, I have read (I think) 3 novels and 1 not-novel featuring her heavily, so I think the subtitle is entirely untrue (many other Queens get less; quick, what can you tell me about Isabella of Angouleme?). I like O'Brien's style and I think I shall be reading more of her work.

The Raven and the Reindeer (Kingfisher, T.). This is a brilliant retelling of the Snow Queen story. I'm quite fond of fairy tales retold anyway, so this was clearly right up my street. Very good. Quite short.

Only Ever Yours (Louise O'Neil). This is rather like the Handmaid's Tale, but YA. It comes with a serious Content Note for disordered eating (of all sorts) and body shaming and implied sexual assault. And it's a really nasty distopia, and not really a pleasant read. I found it oddly compelling.

Lady Trent #4. Our Heroine sets out to do MORE SCIENCE, in a new part of the world. Adventure, mild peril, lady scientist... DRAGONS. Seriously, what is not to like? (waiting for #5 is what is not to like).

Well, I was going to read Children of Earth and Sky (Kay) but the Hugo packet came out and reminded me to read TH Fifth Season (Jemisin), so I shall do that.
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Tales of Arilland and Trix and the Fairy Queen by Alethea Kontis. Tales of Arilland is shorts, and entertaining. Trix and the Fairy Queen is better. In any case these continue on from the previous novels.

Mrs Peregrine books 1 and 2, by Ransom Riggs. I enjoyed these, much darker than your usual 'boy finds out he is magical' sort of a book.

Mrs Peregrine book 3

also I am listening to Ancillary Justice, which mostly means I'm discovering I was saying it all wrong.
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Cut. Which is a very graphic memoir, and not at all an easy read. Hibo Wardere is now an anti-FGM activist, I hope she (and others doing the same work) succeed, I'm not sure how I can help.

Trixter, Dearest, and Messenger by Alethea Kontis. Continuing the series that began with Enchanted. These are enjoyably fairy-tale stories. (Trixter is more of a novella, and Messenger is a deleted-chapter from Dearest and barely a short story)

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. I've seen this recommended all over the place, so far I'm finding it fairly interesting.

forgot about previously:
while I was walking a very long way I listened to the audio book of House of Shattered Wings by Alliete de Bodard. Which I found interesting but not as good as some of her other stuff.
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read: collapse (Diamond). Interesting case studies but very repetitive analysis imo

Reading: Cut ( This is not a pleasant read.
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still Collapse. er, or more accurately 'plants vs zombies'...
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Reading: Still Collapse, it's long and not as gripping as fast-paced urban fantasy... but still interesting
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Read: Chimera. The end of Parasitology. I do not like these as much as I like Seanan's non-horror stuff or as much as I liked the zombie stuff. But I liked it enough to know the end, which, er, is not actually a high bar, I am a completest by nature.

Reading: Collapse. Diamond. So far, so interesting.

To read: I got the raven/reindeer book ya'll rave about so much.

Programming note:

My little finger on my right hand has had pins-and-needles for well over a week. Typing is hard. So sorry, not posting stuff. I hope this is rsi and will go away with less typing/mousing. But maybe it isn't? should I be seeing a doctor el-pronto? Very annoying anyway. Left handed mousing is also, I wish to report, much harder than I expected it would be (I'm generally ambi- if I practice enough).
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Died on this day in 1620 aged 58 Katherine Cromwell (my toy,wikipedia). Grand-daughter of Elizabeth Seymour, sister of Jane, wife of Henry VIII. Jane Seymour's husband Gregory Cromwell was the son of the Thomas Cromwell who stars in Wolf Hall. Katherine married Lionel Tollemache of Helmingham and wrote lots of interesting things down which have been collected into this book (I think she's the right Catherine Tollemache anyway). Fascinating book, I wonder where my copy is. Incidentally Oliver Cromwell is not a descendant of Thomas, but of his sister Katherine whose children adopted the Cromwell name.

Born on this day in 1621 Prince John VI of Anhalt-Zerbst (my toy,wikipedia). Great grand father of Augusta, mother of George III (her husband, Frederick, was Prince of Wales, but died before George II did). He was a member of the Fruitbearing Society ( which had the aim of standardising German.
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Read: Chaos Choreography
Well, that was, as expected, an enjoyable installment of the series. More Verity, and lots and lots of dancing. Yay, dancing. Probably this is not the place to start (it is volume 5), but if anyone does want to borrow it I'm done with it and have the US paperback sitting around taking up space (did someone borrow my copy of Red Rose Chain? I can't find it, I'm probably a muppett)

Reading: Chimera; Mira Grant (Seanan McGuire in disguise)
This series is less fun that that ^^ one, and the protagonist is a bit tiresomely stupid a lot of the time (she's getting better I guess). Anyway I want to know how it turns out so...

To read:
Since I am planning a looooooong walk I have bought some audio books (which with GREAT FAFF I managed to get onto my mp3 player, thanks Audible for not just letting us buy mp3s) including House of Shattered Wings, which I am told is good. I don't usually like audio books, but something to listen to while I walk is probably great. Any other suggestions of good audio books would be great.
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Died on this day in 1596 aged 39 Henry Unton (my toy,wikipedia). Grandson of Edward, brother of Jane, wife of Henry VIII. Henry was a member of Parliament and an Ambassador to France.

Born on this day in 1990 to Prince Andrew, Duke of York and Sarah Ferguson, Princess Eugenie of York (my toy,wikipedia). Grand-daughter of the current Queen. Eugenie is happily still alive today is her 26th birthday, happy birthday Eugenie. Eugenie is not officially a "working" member of the royal family, and actually has a job with an art dealership in London.
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Died on this day in 1456 aged 56 Antoine , Count of Vaudemont (my toy,wikipedia). Father of Frederick, husband of Yolande, sister of Margaret, wife of Henry VI. Tried to take the Duchy of Lorraine when his uncle died without sons, he failed and the duchy went to his cousin Isabella and her husband Rene; Antoine married his son to their daughter, and through them his grandson became Duke of Lorraine (after her brother and his sons died).

Born on this day in 1572 to William Welf , Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg and Princess Dorothea of Denmark, Anne of Brunswick-Luneburg (my toy,wikipedia). Sister of George, grandfather of George I.
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Died on this day in 1539 aged 0 John of Austria (my toy,wikipedia). Great grand son of Ferdinand and Isabella, parents of Catherine, wife of Henry VIII. Died tragically young, does not merit own wiki page.

Born on this day in 1448 to Louis , Duke of Savoy and Anne of Cyprus, Marie of Savoy (my toy,wikipedia). Wife of Louis, brother of Jacquetta, mother of Elizabeth, wife of Edward IV. Marie was Louis' second wife, one of his sons by his first wife was married to Marie's sister. There is no way at all that that would be weird...


Died on this day in 1306 aged 58 Robert II, Duke of Burgundy (my toy,wikipedia). Uncle of Marie, mother of Margaret, wife of Edward I. Ended the practice of dividing the duchy up between the dukes children, instead leaving the whole place to the next Duke.

Born on this day in 1551 Maria of Bavaria (my toy,wikipedia). Mother of Margaret, wife of Philip, son of Philip, wife of Mary I (but Philip was his son by a different wife). Maria married her Uncle (I'm sure the Pope would not have approved!)
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Died on this day in 1875 aged 87 Anne Wellesley (my toy,wikipedia). Great grand-mother of Elizabeth, wife of George VI. Anne was married to Lord Abdy when she began an affair with Charles Bentink, Abdy sued for "Criminal Convesation", they were then divorced by Act of Parliament, and she married Bentink their first child (born only three weeks later) to be legitimate. Having to get an Act of Parliament to get a divorce seems really weird...

Born on this day in 1749 to Frederick, Prince of Wales and Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, Princess Louisa of Great Britain (my toy,wikipedia). Grand-daughter of George II. Louisa never had good health and died unmarried aged only 19.
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Died on this day in 1929 aged 64 Elise of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (my toy,wikipedia). Great grand daughter of Victoria, mother of Queen Victoria.

Born on this day in 1918 to Patrick Bowes-Lyon , 15th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne and Dorothy Godolphin-Osborne, Nancy Bowes-Lyon (my toy,wikipedia). Niece of Elizabeth, wife of George VI.

Also her twin brother Timothy (,_16th_Earl_of_Strathmore_and_Kinghorne)
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Died on this day in 1536 Katherine Howard (my toy,wikipedia). Half-sister of Thomas, grandfather of Katherine Howard and Anne Boleyn, wives of Henry VIII. Also 6-greats grandchild of Edward I. Does not merit own wikipage.

Born on this day in 1605 to Louis Hesse-Darmstadt V, Landrgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt and Magdalene of Brandenburg, George II, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt (my toy,wikipedia). Brother of Anne, grandmother of George I.


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