Sep. 9th, 2015

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*Pocket Apocalypse (Seanan)

Yay Australia! Boo werewolves! Incryptid volume 4, so not a great place to start although they are reasonably stand-alone. Has a "lets meet my family, they hate you, and also they think they should be able to control who I date even though I'm a grown-ass woman" theme running strongly through it which is very ANGRY making (it's not written as *good* mind, or I'd have thrown the e-reader at a wall and never bought another Seanan book again)

*Shepherd's Crown (Pterry)

SO SAD. Sad book is sad. Good-bye Discworld. *Sniff*.

*Of Noble Family (Mary Robinette Kowal)

This is the last volume of MRK's Glamourist Histories, and certainly not a good place to start with them. The protagonists go to Antigua and have Exploits, and much more would be Spoilerific. MRK hired someone to make the Antiguan speakers actually speak correctly, which I presume averted much FAIL, and the protags are anti-slavery, but this is turn-of-the-19th-century Antigua, there is a great deal of horrible things happening.

*The End of All Things (Scalzi)

The latest in the Old Man's War universe. Excitement! Intrigue! Hafte Sorvalh doesn't eat any churros :(

*Last First Snow (Max Gladstone)

Just started. This is the latest in the Craft sequence.
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Died on this day in 1087 aged 59 King William I the Conqueror (my toy,wikipedia). William was Edward the Confessor's mother's brother's grandson. Which might be better than Edward the Confessor's wife's brother as claims to the throne go (the other Harald was claiming a line of descent from Cnut, which Edgar Aetheling was actually Edward's half-brother's grandson but also young and only recently come to England)... William alleged that Edward had promised him the crown, although if he did it would have been under duress. In any case William had A Large Army which was the important part of the succession. His death isn't recorded in great detail, but seems to have been of illness, in Normandy. He left Normandy to his eldest son and England to his second son.

Born on this day in 1804 to Louis , Duke of Wurttemberg and Princess Henriette of Nassau-Weiburg, Alexander Wurttemberg , Duke of Wurttenburg (my toy,wikipedia). Grandfather of Mary of Teck, who married George V. Alexander was Duke of Wurttenburg, but he married morganettically so his children were not, the were created Princes and Princesses of Teck by King William I of Wurttemberg.


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