Oct. 7th, 2015

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Died on this day in 1368 aged 29 Lionel of Antwerp Plantagenet , 1st Duke of Clarence (my toy,wikipedia). Son of Edward III. Lionel had a daughter who was an ancestor of Richard, Duke of York who claimed to be King; it is through this relationship that the Yorks claimed a greater right to the throne than the Lancastrians, not through their descent from Edmund of Langley who was a younger son...

Born on this day in 1870 to Grand Duke Louis IV of Hesse and by Rhine and Princess Alice of the United Kingdom, Prince Friedrick of Hesse and by Rhine (my toy,wikipedia). Grandson of Queen Victoria; one of several of Victoria's descendants to have haemophilia, Friedrick tragically died aged only 2.
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Read: The Dark Forest. Cixin Liu

Sequel to Three Body. New translator (I can't tell, but you might be able to). I liked this, I thought it was a good sequel, which raises some interesting questions. The Trisolaran tech/science remains firmly in the "magic" category; I continue to assume that the "this style looks like it should be hard SF" is my cultural background speaking, having not read any other Chinese SF to know how this stands in that context.

I started reading Star Wars: Aftermath because Chuck Wendig wrote it and I heard that it was TERRIBLE and had GAY PEOPLE in it... which was obviously rather more of a recomendation than the annoying people thought it would be ;-p

But then Ancillary Mercy came out, so now I'm reading that. So far so excellent.


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