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oops, missed a few there. lots of books then!

miss Peregrine #3. I thought this was a good end to the trilogy, and it *is* an ending, so you needn't fear starting it and getting trapped in "waiting for the next book" hell.

Virgin Widow: England's Forgotten Queen (Anne O'Brien). This is a novel about Anne Neville, I have read (I think) 3 novels and 1 not-novel featuring her heavily, so I think the subtitle is entirely untrue (many other Queens get less; quick, what can you tell me about Isabella of Angouleme?). I like O'Brien's style and I think I shall be reading more of her work.

The Raven and the Reindeer (Kingfisher, T.). This is a brilliant retelling of the Snow Queen story. I'm quite fond of fairy tales retold anyway, so this was clearly right up my street. Very good. Quite short.

Only Ever Yours (Louise O'Neil). This is rather like the Handmaid's Tale, but YA. It comes with a serious Content Note for disordered eating (of all sorts) and body shaming and implied sexual assault. And it's a really nasty distopia, and not really a pleasant read. I found it oddly compelling.

Lady Trent #4. Our Heroine sets out to do MORE SCIENCE, in a new part of the world. Adventure, mild peril, lady scientist... DRAGONS. Seriously, what is not to like? (waiting for #5 is what is not to like).

Well, I was going to read Children of Earth and Sky (Kay) but the Hugo packet came out and reminded me to read TH Fifth Season (Jemisin), so I shall do that.
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