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Sorcerer to the Crown; Zen Cho

This was tolerably interesting, I found the language somewhat stilted but less so than Strange and Norrel. Regency England but with MAGIC is I suppose a sub-genre quite firmly here to stay. Happily Napoleon does not feature. This is the author's first fantasy novel.

A Natural History of Dragons: a Memoir by Lady Trent; Marie Brennan

This is Industrial Revolution BUT WITH DRAGONS (what a nice change from the Regency), although the setting is a fantasy world (there a trains, that makes it Industrial Revolution, obviously). There are DRAGONS, and a young lady determined to pursue scholarship in the face of Patriarchy. Also there is intrigue and suspense &c &c I liked this so much I straight away bought the sequels when I had finished (there are currently three books in the series, I don't know if there will be more).

A World of Ice and Fire
Wheel of Time Companion

Both of these are chock full of SPOILERS for their respective series and of interest only to the dedicated fan; WoIaF is more accessible being full of gorgeous pictures and written as history text; WoTC reads like a dictionary/encyclopedia and has hundreds of entries of the form "Jo Blogs; Rand met him once in Caemlyn" alongside the rather more interesting (and SPOILERIFIC) ones about Our Heroes/Villains/McGuffins/&c. Also I have both of these in paper form, so will be forever about reading them as they are heavy.


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