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Died on this day in 996 aged 46 Odo I, Count of Blois (my toy,wikipedia). Great great grand father of King Stephen. Remembered mostly for fighting people.

Born on this day in 1500 to Richard Pole and Margaret of York, Reginald Pole , Cardinal Pole (my toy,wikipedia). Great great great grandson of John of Gaunt, Reginald's grandfather was the brother of Edward IV. Reginald worked to depose Henry VIII after he split with the Catholic church, to this end the Pope made him a Cardinal. Reginald helped organize the Pilgrimage of Grace. He spent many years in exile, but returned to England when Mary became Queen, after this he was ordained (you can be a cardinal without, apparently) and because ++Canterbury.


Died on this day in 1490 aged 21 Charles I, Duke of Savoy (my toy,wikipedia). Grandson of Charles, brother of Isabella, wife of Richard II. Charles managed to get himself declared King of Cyprus and Armenia, but he never actually held the territory.

Born on this day in 1271 to King Rudolf I of Germany and Gertrude of Hohenburg, Judith of Hapsburg (my toy,wikipedia). Great grand mother of Anne, wife of Richard II. Judith was married off to the King of Bohemia at a very young age, this appears to have been less disastrous that it could have been.


Died on this day in 1443 aged 60 John , Count Palatine of Neumarkt (my toy,wikipedia). Uncle of Isabella, mother of Margaret, wife of Henry VI.

Born on this day in 1880 to Frederick VIII of Denmark and Louise of Sweden, Princess Thyra of Denmark and Iceland (my toy,wikipedia). Niece of Alexandra, wife of Edward VII.

(neither of today's people have anything interesting on their wiki pages)


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