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Read: Chimera. The end of Parasitology. I do not like these as much as I like Seanan's non-horror stuff or as much as I liked the zombie stuff. But I liked it enough to know the end, which, er, is not actually a high bar, I am a completest by nature.

Reading: Collapse. Diamond. So far, so interesting.

To read: I got the raven/reindeer book ya'll rave about so much.

Programming note:

My little finger on my right hand has had pins-and-needles for well over a week. Typing is hard. So sorry, not posting stuff. I hope this is rsi and will go away with less typing/mousing. But maybe it isn't? should I be seeing a doctor el-pronto? Very annoying anyway. Left handed mousing is also, I wish to report, much harder than I expected it would be (I'm generally ambi- if I practice enough).

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Date: 2016-04-02 04:46 pm (UTC)
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Persistent pins-and-needles seems to be the classic first symptom of many types of RSI, from the take-care-and-it'll-go-away through to permanent nerve damage. So if it doesn't go away pretty soon, see a doctor. (It was my first sign of something wrong, too, but I think it's fairly unlikely you're suffering from my specific form of arthritis. And anyway, the reason it was my first symptom was because the arthritis in my neck was trapping the nerves. But do get it checked, please!)


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