Jan. 5th, 2016

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Died on this day in 1400 aged 50 John Montacute , 3rd Earl of Salisbury (my toy,wikipedia). Great-grand-father of Richard Neville, known as the Kingmaker, whose daughter Anne married Richard III. He fought successfully in France and Prussia (or at least successfully enough that he didn't get dead), and was one of the main advocates for Richard II's marriage to Isabella of Valois. After the overthrow of Richard II by Henry Bollingbroke (later the IV) John was imprisoned, attainted, and later executed.

Born on this day in 1909 to King Ferdinand of Romania and Princess Marie of Edinburgh, Princess Ileana of Romania (my toy,wikipedia). Great-grand-daughter of Queen Victoria. Daughter of the King of Romania, Ileana married the Archduke of Austria. She was involved in the Girl Guiding movement, and was Chief of the Romanian Girl Guides until she married and moved to Austria, where she became involved with local Guiding until the Nazis banned it. After the War she moved back to Romania, a bad move because Romania soon became communist and threw them out, she went back to Austria, then Switzerland, and then Argentina, and finally America. She eventually divorced her husband (they'd been separated since the war) married and divorced again and became an Orthodox monastic, eventually becoming Mother Superior of a convent she founded.


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