Feb. 3rd, 2016

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Died on this day in 994 aged 57 William IV, Duke of Aquitaine (my toy,wikipedia). Great-great-grand-father of Henry; husband of Matilda who was never Queen. William became Duke when his father retired to a monastery, later he retired to a monastery himself leaving his wife to rule as regent for their young son. In between he went to war with the King of France, and was a terrible husband.

Born on this day in 1266 Richard FitzAlan , 8th Earl of Arundel (my toy,wikipedia). Great-great-grand-father of Mary; wife of Henry IV. Richard was the feudal lord of Oswestry in the Welsh Marches, and was involved in wars in Wales, and also in Scotland.
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Read: Sharing Knife #4. I read this one just as quickly as the others, which clearly means I found it an enjoyable read; but I find the ending rather disappointing.

Reading: The Tropic of Serpents; Memoirs of Lady Trent #2 by Marie Brennan. I liked the first one so obviously I bought the sequels... so far, so good.

To Read: I got Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen which is the latest in the Vorkosigan Series. Amazon didn't want to sell me the ebook, sucks to be Amazon, so I bought it direct from the publish (Baen) who are very good at selling ebooks directly to everyone.


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