Sep. 2nd, 2015

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Died on this day in 1486 aged 80 Guy XIV de Laval (my toy,wikipedia). Father of Jeanne, who married Rene who was the father (by a different wife) of Margaret who married Henry VI. He was a companion of Joan of Arc.

Born on this day in 1243 to Richard de Clare and Maud de Lacy, Gilbert de Clare (my toy,wikipedia). Married Joan who was a daughter of Edward I. In April 1264, Gilbert de Clare led the massacre of the Jews at Canterbury. So I guess he was a vile sort of a person then. Also involved in a bunch of fighting over who got to be King.
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So I posted whilst away, but in no detail, because I was on my phone, I repeat those records here (so this is "read in the last three weeks"):


that was interesting enough,but not so hugely interesting that I'm desperate to read any of the sequels. In particular it was very annoying the way people were demanding respect just because of who they are, without demonstrating any reason that you might respect them

Of the October Daye series by Seanan McGuire:
*Late Eclipses
*One Salt Sea (contains mermaids, was reading when saw the little mermaid
*Ashes of Honour
*Chimes at Midnight
*The Winter Long
*Red Rose Chain (acquired from SF bookstore in Stockholm, lucky me)

Which is me completely caught up! Yay. Not much I can say about the later installments without spoiling the earlier. I find the writing seriously engaging and few of these took me more than 2 days (of vacation, so plenty of time to read) and all were very hard to put down. Now I need to read all the short-fiction... Predictably I love Tybalt best.

*The Philosopher Kings (afterword says author spent much time in Copenhagen
national museum was there when finished reading it) by Jo Walton
Sequel to the Just City, continues amazing.

*Chalion series by Bujold (all 3 novels and Penric's Demon).
I liked these, but not as much as I like Vorkosigan probably because there's less character-continuity between the books which makes them flow less well into each other.

*Pocket Apocalypse by Seanan McGuire
this is the latest InCryptid novel, which I waited to get until I could get a UK ebook. As with the previous it is very good although Riley is VERY ANNOYING and I want to thump him.

Next up:
I think the honest answer to this is "Shepherd's Crown" the last PTerry (*sniff*), although I have a whole bunch of stuff I've bought and not read yet to plow through so lots of choices.


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