Jan. 1st, 2016

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Last year I did the people at the top of the list (adjusting occasionally for greater interest), this year I shall do the people at the bottom... (the list is ordered by index-number which started with Alfred the Cake through to Liz II and then the spouses of all those people and then began a breadth first search, so not strictly by "interestingness")

Died on this day in 1496 aged 37 Charles, Count of Angouleme (my toy,wikipedia). Grandfather of Madeleine of Valois who married James V of Scotland who was, by a different wife, Grandfather of James VI & I. Charles' son Francis became Francis I of France, because of Salic law, Charles was the great-grand-son of Charles V (Charles V was succeeded by his son Charles VI then his son Charles VII then his son Louis XI then his son Charles VIII then by Louis XII who was a great-grand-son of Charles V and then by Francis I again going back up to Charles V; due to a combination of people having no or only 1 son and infant mortality)

Born on this day in 1236 to Amice de Clare, Baldwin , 7th Earl of Devon (my toy,wikipedia). Married Avita, whose sister Beatrice was mother of Eleanor who married Henry III. Died when Henry III invaded France.


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