Feb. 22nd, 2016

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Ooops, busy weekend


Died on this day in 1054 aged 76 Grand Prince Yaroslav I of Kiev (my toy,wikipedia). Allegedly the father of Agatha, wife of Edward the Exile, son of Edmund Ironside; more certainly father of Anne who married Henry I of France whose descendants include many Kings of England. Yaroslav began his reign by fighting his brother for Kiev. He went on to fight lots of other people including the Byzantine Empire.

Born on this day in 1375 to King Rupert of Germany and Elisabeth of Nuremberg, Rupert Pipan (my toy,wikipedia). Brother of Margaret, grandmother of Margaret, wife of Henry VI. Does not merit own wiki page.


Died on this day in 1655 aged 48 John of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorp (my toy,wikipedia). Grandson of Frederick, father of Anne, wife of James VI & I.

Born on this day in 1462 to King Henry IV of Castile and Joan of Portugal, Joanna (my toy,wikipedia). Great great granddaughter of John of Gaunt, son of Edward III. Joan was a Portugese Infanta by birth, and married the King of Castile (her second cousin). Joan had a daughter (also Joan) possibly with her husband and possibly with a lover. She was banished from the court and later divorced after having two (more?) illegitimate children with a lover.


Died on this day in 1131 aged 28 Judith of Bavaria (my toy,wikipedia). Wife of Frederick, grandson of Henry, father of Henry, husband of Matilda who was never Queen. Judith's marriage to the Duke of Swabia was meant to bring the house of Welf and the Swabians closer together, but after her father refused to support her husband in his quest to be Holy Roman Emperor the two families Fell Out, which had ongoing consequences in Germany.

Born on this day in 1837 Leopoldine of Baden (my toy,wikipedia). Wife of Hermann, grandson of Victoria, mother of Queen Victoria.


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